Michelle Dipp Scholarship

Looking for the right STEM scholarship is difficult, there are many to apply for and based on your background there can be even more options. The Michelle Dipp Scholarship gives graduating high school students that are interested in life sciences a chance to pursue their career goals and aspirations through an accredited university. Scholarships are helpful both in helping you fund for the expensive costs of school and in building a resume that can separate you from other students.

Finding the Right STEM Scholarships: Tips for Students.
Searching for Scholarships can seem like a full time job. We’ve put together some tips for success in your STEM scholarship search.

Who is Michelle Dipp?

Michelle Dipp, MD PhD, is a prominent thought leader and investor in life sciences. Michelle Dipp is the Managing Director and Cofounder of Biospring Partners, a life sciences investment company. Michelle is committed to supporting the next generation of thought leaders in life sciences, technology, and medicine to help accelerate the advancement of innovation.


This can feel like a loaded question. There are many reasons why STEM is a great option for future college students. One of these reasons is because jobs in STEM fields are rapidly growing each year. This is due to the advancement in information technologies and the growth of the healthcare industry. (3) This development has led to the STEM job market to outpace the growth of overall employment. (3)

What to Remember when Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships tend to be merit based. This means that the GPA you get in high school could impact your overall scholarship standing. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions for each scholarship application. Some scholarships might set higher benchmarks in grades, personal character, or even based on income level.  


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