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Michelle Dipp Scholarship Resources

A mini scholarship guide to help you with your scholarship applications, essays and more. 

Being Prepared for a Scholarship Application

Scholarship applications can be time consuming and stressful. Here are a few resources to prepare you before you begin your scholarship application journey.

Scholarship Application Tips & Advice

The National Society of High School Scholars offers an excellent outline of scholarship application tips and advice, and includes an informational video with advice from their scholarship director.

Lets Talk Scholarships: Application Tips

Stay on top of your college scholarships with Fastweb's focus on organization. They also provide tips on where to start and the do’s and don’ts of scholarship applications.

How to Start Your Scholarship Essay

Scholarship application essays can be intimidating and sometimes difficult to start, Scholarships In Ink offers tips you may consider before even starting to write your scholarship essay.

Scholarships vs. Grants - What to Know

Scholarships, grants, financial aid… There are so many ways to pay for college and knowing which ones you have to pay back can become confusing. 

The Basics on Grants and Scholarships

Big Future defines the difference between scholarships and grants and how to tap into them.

Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships

iGrad offers advice about scholarship and some friendly words of caution.

Federal Grants Are Money To Help Pay For College

The US. Department of Education talks about grant programs and what they are.

Our Top Picks for Other STEM Scholarships

There are a lot of scholarship opportunities out there. We like these ones because 


Labroots is a scientific social networking website that contributes to the advancement of science through content sharing capabilities.

Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)

This scholarship is for those that desire a career in some aspect of food, drugs, or consumer product safety.

Federal Grants Are Money To Help Pay For College

The US. Department of Education talks about grant programs and what they are.

Top Jobs for STEM Graduates

Are you stuck on which STEM degree you want to receive? STEM degrees can lead to many rewarding careers, check out some of the top earning careers and where STEM is headed in the US job market. 

23 Stem Majors for High Paying Careers

A one stop guide to STEM, majors, careers and associated salaries.

STEM and US Job market

If you are double thinking a career in a STEM field , here are many reasons to say YES!

Best Stem Careers According to US News

A list of the best STEM careers for 2021.